“I successfully passed my written/skills exam yesterday and am now officially certified! Thank you so much, NTSOC, for all you have done to prepare me for this exam. I am happy that I chose NTSOC for my source and I’m so lucky that I was able to meet all you wonderful people! You are all so inspiring and obviously, love what you do. Thank you for putting your students up to high standards and expecting the best treatment of a client. It has been an honor to be a part of this program, and I enjoyed coming to class every day. Thank you for making NTSOC a fun and comfortable environment for the students to learn without feeling judged or inadequately prepared. 

I have several interviews lined up in Minnesota next week, where I will be starting my second year at nursing school (Bethel University). I am so excited to start my nursing career as a CNA! 

I will recommend this program to others for their CNA certification. Once again, I cannot thank you all enough for all that you put into this program.”