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Aide School
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Who are CNAs?

The NTSOC CNA School is currently not accepting new applications and has temporarily suspended enrollment for new students. Please check this site periodically to receive updated information.

CNAs are a core part of the healthcare team, the hands-on caregivers that provide patient assistance, support, and dignity when they are temporarily ill or permanently in need of assistance. It is a very fulfilling job for a person who enjoys helping people and doing meaningful work.

The “traditional NTSOC CNA school” has an unparalleled reputation in southern Colorado, and often recruiters tell us they like to hire graduates of our program as they do not require shadowing. Over the years, we have received feedback from our students that a new era requires a new model of learning. We acted on this advice by putting forth the highest quality programming available. Our talented team of CNA Instructors has come together to teach about caring for people in need while stressing compassion and by using a “whole human” approach, all in the comfort of your home. Pull up a chair, get comfortable, and get ready to learn.

Place your future in trusted hands.

Highlights of our program include:

CNAs give our loved ones essential care and emotional support. Since CNAs see their patients every day, they are a vital link in providing updates to doctors and nurses. CNAs are trained to perform personal care activities such as bathing, hair care, oral hygiene, and assisting with dressing. They can facilitate simple exercises and transfers. Our CNAs also help with therapy programs when instructed. Our instructors stress the importance of providing your loved ones with care and empathy.

While carefully monitoring the health of your loved one, our CNAs are trained to report any changes in condition. Also, while working closely with families, they provide emotional support and offer new avenues to socialization during home visits.

  • Theory: 24/7 access to 32 hours of online classes, including 25 videos, and 3 tests.
  • Labs: 2 hours of 22 instructional videos, and 32 hours of demonstrations conducted via Zoom, followed by a lab demonstration test.
  • Clinicals: 16 hours of supervised clinical experience conducted via Zoom, with scenarios enacted.
  • Payment structure is $150 before registration, $400 after theory, $400 after lab.
  • Course must be completed in three months.
  • Diploma showing completion of course, a voucher for the State exam, and a voucher for in-person CPR, and a graduation pin.
  • In-site State testing in Colorado Springs and Pueblo facilities, when tests begin again.
  • Accepting students age 16+

CNA Skills Lab

Our CNA program has well–equipped CNA skills lab that provide a positive learning environment for CNA students to train (on mannequins as well as classmates) before caring for actual patients. The labs are registered as local and regional CNA testing centers for the Colorado State Board of Nursing, which allows our CNA training program graduates to test in the facility in which they trained.

Begin the
Class Whenever
You Want

Begin the
Class Whenever
You Want

Perhaps you have a job where you work 9-5 p.m.? Or maybe you are a single mother who only has alone time every other weekend? No problem. When you have completed your online class, you can visit our schedule to see when you can schedule your labs and clinicals in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, or Woodland Park. After you complete the NTSOC online CNA school, you will need to visit one of our locations to complete orientation. For labs and clinicals, please know that you will need to have a 2-step tuberculosis test and a flu shot during flu season (Oct-March).

CNA Class Tuition

Tuition is $950 per student and includes all online CNA instructions, lab, and clinical site, BLS/CPR training, and certification, background check, Certified Nurse Aide textbook and workbook, and State Exam.

TB test can be conducted onsite for $40.00.

The CNA Training program utilizes the following agencies to assist CNA students with tuition (based on each student’s eligibility requirements):

Sign an agreement to work 20 hours a week with NTSOC for one year and get reimbursed for this class.

CNA Partners

NTSOC partners with a top CNA recruiters to help jumpstart your professional career.

Our CNA instructors are experienced nurses and educators who are dedicated to providing high-quality instruction and investing in the success of each student.
Their knowledge, compassion and encouragement have not only helped students obtain their CNA certification but create a highly sought after CNA professional.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact our CNA Program Supervisor at 719-574-5562, extension 258.