“Our daughter was born with a severe congenital heart defect that required multiple open heart surgeries just to have a chance at survival. After spending her first month in the hospital, we were assured time and time again that she would qualify for the Medicaid waiver because of the severity of her condition. After 8 months of contacting various hospital administrators and social workers, filling out form after form to apply for the waiver, our bills were piling up and we were no closer to having our daughter on Medicaid. To say we were frustrated would be an understatement. When we finally connected with Ann at NTSOC it was like a breath of fresh air. She was responsive, she knew the proper channels to work through, and she immediately started working on our case. She was the ONLY one we worked with who understood what was needed and was able to get the paperwork finalized so our daughter qualified for the Medicaid waiver. Three years later and Ann has been a godsend. She has continued to be with us every step of the way and our daughter is thriving thanks to people like Ann that helped us get the help we need. “ 


“Makenzie Ann Tacha was born March 2, 2005, and shortly after her non-complicated delivery, we were given the news that she has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. It is almost hard to grasp now, but my husband and I had a surge of overwhelming emotions on that day and the days and months to follow.  

The one emotion that remained consistent for some time was FEAR. Fortunately, we soon realized that, just like with every child, the fear of the ‘unknown’ future is the same reality with Makenzie as with our other two children. However, there were some differences in that we knew Makenzie would require additional services, so I began seeking resources within weeks of her birth. 

I honestly don’t even remember how/where I was given the number for Nursing and Therapy Services Case Management Program, but I strongly believe it was another gift from GOD. I will never forget the feeling I had entering those doors with my newborn daughter and how humbling it was to have to ask for help. I was met with one of the kindest case managers who not only helped me navigate my options and resources but also allowed me to share my feelings and fears, Mom-to-Mom. I am now in my 13th year partnering with NTSOC case management for the C-HCBS Waiver program to ensure that Makenzie receives the best services possible to help her reach her optimal potential in life.  

I have had only one other case-manager, now over 11 years, with whom my experiences have been the same as my initial meeting with NTSOC. I have always felt so supported, never judged or demeaned, and with 100% certainty that my daughters best interests are always the number one goal. I can honestly say that I have not had one negative experience with NTSOC in my 13 years of working with them for case management. It is very rare anymore to have the longevity of a case manager which is so vital in relationships with the families and kids being served. It speaks volumes to me about the commitment of the case manager(s) themselves, but also about the company as a whole. My family and I are truly grateful for Nursing and Therapy Services.” 


“I have a son named Nathan who is 21 years old. We have had therapy at NTSOC for over a decade. It used to be in-home. When he turned 21, we changed to outpatient. He has received occupational, physical, and speech therapies.  

The therapy has helped out Nathan in numerous ways. He has more dexterity, is overall more fit, and shows more strength and ease of movement. The therapists at NTSOC are the best we have seen. When we had other therapists, we weren’t achieving our goals. Here, we have accomplished more than we thought possible. “


“To all NTSOC Instructors, 

It has been a pleasure, and I am very thankful for all your efforts and assistance. I am a graduate of the CNA class and would like to share my story. 

One day I found myself homeless, out in the cold in Colorado Springs. It made me examine myself. I knew I needed a change. I could’ve gone back home to South Dakota where I have plenty of friends that would give me a warm bed and a bit to eat, but the thought of running into my ex-husband frightened me, so I decided to stay here. I sought the life before I met my ex and tried to seek help in S.D., but there’s nothing available. I then thought of becoming a Nurse Aide and found out that Pikes Peak Workforce Center would help me and they told me about a scholarship that I could apply for so I did and I got approved! I then enrolled at NTSOC. It was a struggle to care for my body and get through 7 to 10 chapters a day, but the instructors were understanding and gave me a lot of help. They let me come early and sit in the breakroom so I could study. I didn’t get special treatment, but they are very encouraging and approachable.  

My efforts finally paid off, during the last day of our clinical at Pikes Peak Care Center, a nurse pulled me aside and asked me to apply at the facility, so I did and got the job immediately after my graduation. I passed my State Exam and became certified. I got Medical assistance and started procedures to fix my teeth. With the job I have now as a CNA, my food stamps and medical aid will end this month. I can afford to rent an apartment, and I am no longer homeless. I have a good job, a place to live, and I am ready to take on the world! 

Please note: I give most of the credit to God without my spiritual life I am nothing. NTSOC and Pikes Peak Workforce are the stepping stores, and they tremendously changed my life.”


“I successfully passed my written/skills exam yesterday and am now officially certified! Thank you so much, NTSOC, for all you have done to prepare me for this exam. I am happy that I chose NTSOC for my source and I’m so lucky that I was able to meet all you wonderful people! You are all so inspiring and obviously, love what you do. Thank you for putting your students up to high standards and expecting the best treatment of a client. It has been an honor to be a part of this program, and I enjoyed coming to class every day. Thank you for making NTSOC a fun and comfortable environment for the students to learn without feeling judged or inadequately prepared. 

I have several interviews lined up in Minnesota next week, where I will be starting my second year at nursing school (Bethel University). I am so excited to start my nursing career as a CNA! 

I will recommend this program to others for their CNA certification. Once again, I cannot thank you all enough for all that you put into this program.”