NTSOC is so excited you are embarking upon a journey to become a Certified Nurse Aide.

CNAs are a core part of the healthcare team, the hands-on caregivers that provide patient assistance, comfort, and dignity when they are temporarily ill or permanently in need of assistance. It is a very fulfilling job for a person who enjoys helping people and doing meaningful work. The knowledge and skills required to be a CNA are also efficient and can come in handy at various times in your life as you may need to care for children or other family members or friends. Being a CNA helps to develop your people skills and time management, which are essential in any future career.

Pay is typically above minimum wage, (from $11-$17/hr.), and the work tends to be very steady so that you can improve the economic well-being of yourself and your family. The federal Department of Labor has said there will be a very high need for CNAs in the next ten years. CNAs can find work in hospitals, home care, long-term care, respite, hospice, assisted living, private homes, physician offices, and various other medical settings. The healthcare field is one of the most stable areas a person can work in. Whether the economy is good or bad, there always seems to be a job available.

Ready to begin? Please pay $150 to access our registration page. You will pay $400 more after you complete theory, and then $400 more when you complete labs. You will have three months to complete the entire class.