Welcome to the NTSOC Online Certified Nurse Aide training program. This program’s primary purpose is to train parents to be CNAs for their children or young adults. If you have a person in your family who has a disability and want to see if they qualify to take care of your loved one, please call Juanita Macias at 719 574-5562, extension 221.

The online school completes theory, lab, and clinicals in order. Originally, NTSOC was going to build an online school with just theory and in-person labs and clinicals, but due to changing regulations around the COVID-19 pandemic, we are launching with online/virtual labs and clinicals.

The online class includes:

  • Theory: 24/7 access to 32 hours of online classes, including 24 videos, and 3 tests.
  • Labs: 2 hours of 22 instructional videos, and 32 hours of demonstrations conducted via Zoom, followed by a lab demonstration test.
  • Clinicals: 16 hours of supervised clinical experience conducted via Zoom, with scenarios enacted.
  • Payment structure is $150 before registration, $400 after theory, $400 after lab.
  • Course must be completed in three months.
  • Diploma showing completion of course, voucher for State exam, and voucher for in-person CPR, and a graduation pin.
  • In-site State testing in Colorado Springs and Pueblo facilities, when tests begin again.
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